New milestone in the history of infertility Treatment

9th April 2010 ;Karunagapally :Birth of new milestone in the history of infertility treatement . After waiting 20 years, Shymala and Omanakuttan from Mynagapally ,Kollam district have finally become the proud parents of a baby boy in their forties. They are under the treatement of Dr.Biju , Gynecological laparoscopic surgeon and infertility specialist at SBM hospital ,Karunagapally,Kollam district for the past one and half years.

It was after several years of unsucessful treatement at many other places that they finally came to Dr.Biju ."The couple was put on four months of continues medication , which they adhered to strictly.What is most remarkable about this feast is that positive results were achieved without any surgeries or costly IVF/IUI procedures-everything was done through medication only.Usually an IVF procedure costs upto 1.5 lakhs, but in this case the expenses which patient met is less than ten thousand rupees,"Dr.Biju Says.

On last Thursday ,8th of April , Mrs.Shyamala Omanakuttan gave birth to a healthy baby boy who weight 3 kg." We spend a lot of money for the last 18 years for treatement at various places and nothing found any result. Finally we came here at SBM hospital one and half years back Now we got a child, our lifetime ambition "Omanakkuttan Says.

Unlike other places ,SBM hospital provides affordable treatement for infertility .It's a hope for many like and Shyamala and Omanakkuttan.

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