Dr Bijuparameswaran MS (O&G) FMAS.
Consultant laparoscopic surgeon, infertility specialist, gynecologist is one of the leading gynecological laparoscopic surgeons in the country. He is an expert in the field with years of experience and skills . His vast experience as a laparoscopic surgeon has given him a name as a skilled doctor in gynecological and infertility surgeries. He has done a number of successful surgeries. Currently he is consultant gynecologist laparoscopic surgeon with SBM hospital karunagappally,kollam district kerala.

He has contributed many chapters on infertlity and laparoscopy in many international books . and he has published many papers in international journals.

Dr. biju p. is one of the leading gynecological endoscopic surgeons in the country. His fields of expertise include sonography, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, microsurgery and assisted reproduction. But above all Dr. biju, from his vast experience as a surgeon, has carved a niche for himself in his field of expertise.

Dr. biju has single-handedly performed more than 2000 advanced endoscopic surgeries. . He has conducted live endoscopic workshops in India and abroad. Delivered lectures and presented papers on endoscopic surgeries and its various aspects.

Dr. biju has published books and presented papers in several journals.

  Dr Biju Parameswaran  
  S B M Hospital  
  Karunagappally P.O  
  Kollam District  
  Kerala State  
  Tel:+91-476 2620303,2621469