SBM Hospital , a renowned name in the field of infertility treatment was established on May 4th 1976. Dr. K Parameswaran Pillai started this hospital at Karunagappally with a dream of making it into a multispeciality hospital with all facilities. Now his dreams have fulfilled and the hospital is now a 100 bedded multispeciality hospital with internal medicine , general surgery, pediatrics & neonatology, obstetrics & gynecology ,ophthalmology and psychiatry .The hospital is well equipped to meet any ultra modern treatment with world class facilities.

A well equipped MICU, NICU, Labor Room ,and Operation Theatre is an added advantage for the facilities. We give extra care for women with high risk pregnancy. We monitor each and every step of the fetal development and put them on high alert without disturbing their emotional well-being. Our expert counselors give proper advice and guidance through out the pregnancy. An ultra modern labor room with all facilities and a high tech operation theatre is the specialty of our hospital.Pediatric wing is well advanced with a new born NICU functioning for the care of infants.

Down syndrome screening is also done for the suspected kids .Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by extra genetic chromosomes. Kids born with this symptoms are screened at our hospital .
Our team of medical experts uses the most state –of- the art technology to offer more options to the patients than ever thought possible. We use 3 chip camera and an ultra modern color Doppler ultrasound for the pre- treatment diagnosis. A very advanced endoscopy is done here with the help of equipment from Karl Storz.)


SBM infertility and gynecological centre under the able guidance of Dr.Biju is a state of the art clinic that provides the most advanced gynecological and infertility solutions. He believes in providing all the modalities of treatments to his patients. The infertility clinic excels in every way with an Andrology Lab , Follicular Study, Counseling, IUI, Satellite IVF facility, and Semen Analysis.
Infertility is an ailment of the reproductive system that impairs one of the most basic functions , the conception. For a pregnancy to continue to full term the embryo must be healthy and the woman’s hormonal environment must be adequate for its development. When any of these factors is impaired ,infertility can result. Modern medical treatments are available for infertility at the hospital .For detecting the cause of infertility in men and women, blood test, hormone detection, periodic ultra sound scanning, x-ray of the uterus, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy are used. Male Infertility is identified and treated at the hospital with the most sophisticated treatment .We treat it with drugs as well as surgery.


This surgery is done on men and women mainly to regain their reproductively.


In male infertility when the count of the sperms are less it is washed in the lab for increasing the count and mobility and then placed in the uterus. This IUI treatment is very effective as a part of infertility treatment

IVF(IN –VITRO FERTILIZATION) – satellite ivf centre

IVF procedure consists of recovering eggs from ovary, fertilizing them with sperm and transferring the resulting embryo with uterus .In this procedure the sperms and eggs are simply cultured together overnight.

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