What is urinary incontinence?
Incontinence, simply defined, is as an uncontrolled release of urine from your bladder. Incontinence in women usually occurs because of problems with the muscles that help hold or release urine.
What is stress urinary incontinence?
Stress urinary incontinence, or SUI, is the sudden, unintentional release of urine during normal, everyday activities. You may have SUI if you lose urine when you:
Cough, sneeze or laugh
Walk, exercise or lift something
Get up from a seated or lying position
You may also go to the bathroom frequently during the day to avoid accidents. If you are experiencing sudden urine loss, it means your urethra (the tube from the bladder through which urine exits the body) does not stay closed until it's time to urinate. Any movement that puts pressure on the bladder (such as sneezing or running) may cause the urethra to lose its seal and allows urine to escape.
Today there are many minimally invasive treatment options that can help you gain control over this condition and improve the quality of your life. The information in this area of will provide you with basic facts and tools to help you understand urinary incontinence in women.GYNECARE MONITORR is an innovative and quick, patient-friendly tool designed to aid in the diagnosis of female urinary incontinence while minimizing patient discomfort.
Minimally Invasive Procedures
When other therapeutic approaches are not effective, surgical procedures may be recommended to treat the underlying cause of incontinence and may deliver the most reliable, permanent results. There are many different kinds of surgeries. In general, procedures to treat stress incontinence are intended to create support for the urethra and bladder neck to maintain them in their proper position and prevent urine leakage during physical activities.

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